Nutrition Counseling

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your health, or get the optimum benefits from the foods you eat, an F-Factor Dietitian will help you achieve your goal.

The F-Factor Diet is based on a dietitian’s understanding of food science, anatomy and physiology. We know people want a simple diet that allows them to dine out without difficulty, tastes goods, leaves them feeling satisfied, improves their health, and enables them to lose or manage their weight without feelings of deprivation or denial.

We don’t just hand you a diet plan. We work with you to tailor the proven F-Factor Diet so healthy eating fits with who you are, the foods you enjoy, and the way you live your life. Many diets impose their way of eating. We show our clients how to make healthy eating a way of life, without disrupting their lifestyle.

Nutrition Counseling services are available through in-office, in-home or virtual sessions. For information on working with a F-Factor Registered Dietitian, please click here to contact or call us at 646-442-3904.

F-Factor Nutrition Counseling with Registered Dietitian NYC

Our Services

One-On-One Nutrition Counseling Packages

We offer several counseling packages that provide dietary and body analysis, nutrition education, personalized meal plans, progress tracking, and lifestyle and skills support over a series of visits (in-person or virtual) with an F-Factor Dietitian. Packages are available at Exclusive, Premium, and Associate levels.

Buddy System Discount: This program offers spouses, family members, partners and friends the opportunity to experience the education session together while each receiving personalized diet plans. It is a great way to support each other during this journey.

Group Nutrition Counseling

Get the F-Factor nutrition counseling experience at a reduced rate by registering for a group session. You’ll get the same education and support as a one-on-one F-Factor client, in a group setting of four to eight participants. The group package includes eight sessions with one of our Registered Dietitians. For more information about our group sessions, click here.

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Healthy eating involves smart shopping. One-on-one comprehensive two-hour tours of your local supermarket, where you will learn which brands of your favorite foods are best for you. Swap out your traditional favorites for F-Factor approved items. Learn how to navigate through your dairy, poultry and produce sections with ease. (For non-Manhattan residents, a local market can be used)


If you are embarking on a new weight-loss journey, removing roadblocks from the cupboard is an important first step. During this one hour session, we will go through your cabinets and identify foods that are sabotaging your efforts to eat well. Instead of throwing out every item of food you have ever loved, we will work to replace most poor choices with healthier options. The goal is to strike a harmonious balance between foods you like and foods that are good for you.


Looking to get your office on the path to improved health and wellness? F-Factor offers a variety of corporate wellness/ weight loss programs and activities including Lunch & Learns and corporate lectures for groups as small as 5 and as large as 2500. Please contact the office to inquire for program options.


When you’re busy balancing work, home & family, it’s difficult to find time to cook healthy and delicious meals. Any of our one hour F-Factor cooking classes will show you how to prepare meals that are quick, healthy, delicious … and F-Factor Approved. Whether you are a beginner cook or advanced, Tanya will prepare dishes that you will be able to recreate on your own. You will learn how to prepare F-Factor staples, like homemade soups, dips, entrees and desserts that make staying on F-Factor effortless.


Please contact the office to inquire for out-of-office pricing.

Cancellation Policy:  It is our policy to charge for office visits that are missed or cancelled without 24-hour notice. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Once a package is purchased a client must use it or forfeit the purchase price.

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