October 17th, 2017

Tanya’s top: Spa week essentials

Do you have what you need for the ultimate spa week?

The official packing list of the 2017 F-Factor X Golden Door Experience:

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After the last F-Factor retreat at the Golden Door Spa, many of you have asked about how to pack for such a trip? Whether you’re taking off for a weekend trip or having a spa(aaaaahhhh…) weekend, here’s Tanya’s list of essentials for a healthy, fun-filled adventure: 

Workout gear – Waking up before dawn for a hike means layers are necessary. Phat Buddha’s leggings are great and for sneaks, I like my Nikes. All in all, Bandier is my go-to one-stop-shop for this stuff—they always have something new that I’m excited to pack and actually work out in. 

Ray-Ban AviatorsWhat’s the point o

f a sunrise hike if you can’t watch the sunrise? And we know that you can’t properly take the view in without protecting your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. My Ray-Ban Aviators are great for trips like this because they look sporty while still remaining stylish, and if I break a little sweat, they still stay in place. 

Comfortable slides – In the office, I’m always in a heel. However, when it comes to retreat week, my feet deserve some solace too. Sneakers are necessary for the hikes and workouts, but post hike I kick my kicks off, and slip into some slides. My Gucci Princeton Leather slippers are great for this, not only are they comfortable and look cute, they also take up very little room in your suitcase. Win-win-win! 

Wine – PSA: not every spa has wine! Criminal, I know—luckily, hotels, spas, and cruises are usually totally fine with you B-ingYOB. I like to have my own stash just in case, and Folly of The Beast did the trick at this past retreat.

Minnie Ro

se Drop Stitch Frayed Edge Blankie – Airplanes are freezing, and comfort is always key. Part blanket, part shawl, light, yet warm, and super soft, this piece is a must for me when traveling.

Carry-on suitcase – 5 days, 4 nights, you best believe I fit it all in my “short-trip” Tumi.

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