September 6th, 2016

Summer weight gain WEIGHING you down?


2016 september promo

Whether it was the countless barbecues, the hours spent sitting in Hamptons traffic passing around bags of chips, or the endless supply of rosé that put you over the edge, the fact remains those 3 great months of summer fun has left your diet in a less-than-ideal place.

Lucky for you, here at the F-Factor office, we’re familiar with the summer cycle that’s derailed your diet…. and we’re even more familiar with how to get you back on track. Best of all, we can teach you the tricks to avoid summer weight gain so that come next Labor Day, these feelings you’re feeling right now (guilt, regret, a tad bit hungover) will all be things of the past.

Come in for a consultation this fall and let us help. As an incentive, if you sign up, you will receive 10% off your Start-Up Weight Loss PackageContact us today for more information. 

Offer ends September 30th!

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The F-Factor Program is the most liberating, scientifically proven, approach to weight loss and optimal health. A concierge private practice specializing in nutrition counseling and weight loss and management, F-Factor is tailored to your needs, your lifestyle, your habits. Working one-on-one with your personal, F-Factor dietitian makes for fast and easy weight loss–without hunger or deprivation, nor eating like a rabbit or becoming a gym rat. For 15 years thousands of clients have succeeded with F-Factor’s proprietary nutritional method to achieve their health and weight goals. Join them. 

*F-Factor’s Fall promotion applies to new clients only. 10% discount will be deducted from full-package price upon checkout. VIP Package: save $1,500; Associate Dietitian Package: save $450. Offer ends September 30th, 2016.