September 8th, 2020

Correcting The Record, Key Questions Answered.


There are a handful of different rumors about F-Factor, The F-Factor Diet, F-Factor products, and our office. In an attempt to set the record straight, we answer some of the most common ones for you here… 

Q: Are F-Factor products safe?

A: Yes, our products are 100% safe when used as directed on the package. F-Factor products are tested to the highest industry and FDA standards. While some of our customers with whey sensitivities have experienced discomfort with our whey-based products, out of 174,000 orders in the last 2+ years, we have had a minimal number of health-related complaints, as less than .03 percent of total orders placed resulted in a formal complaint. We will always work with our customers to identify and resolve any issue they’re having to ensure they can use our products and program safely.

Q: Does the F-Factor program encourage unhealthy weight loss and even possibly eating disorders?

A: No. The F-Factor Diet is about food freedom. It is not a calorie-counting diet, and it is not restrictive. We developed the F-Factor diet to provide ample calories, which is why we ask our customers not to try to customize or alter the program that is prescribed in the book or take it to any extremes. The F-Factor diet is aimed at good health, not just fat loss.

Q: Do F-Factor’s products contain heavy metals?

A: The earth’s soil naturally contains trace levels of metals. Therefore, anything grown in the soil, from strawberries to spinach to rice can contain trace amounts of metals. Because F-Factor products are made with all-natural ingredients, they too can contain the same trace amounts. We test to ensure that our products are all-natural, non-GMO, and 100% safe for consumption when used as directed on the package.

 F-Factor announced on NBC’s TODAY Show, that F-Factor had posted one of the company’s Certificates of Analysis (CoA) on the F-Factor Instagram account and website. NBC independently reviewed F-Factor’s CoA ahead of the interview and confirmed that the levels of all naturally occurring compounds in the F-Factor CoA were safe for consumption. We have since posted the CoA’s for all the F-Factor powder formulas on the F-Factor website to confirm the safety of the other flavors for our customers.

Q: How does F-Factor handle complaints about its products or the program?

A: We will always work with our customers to identify and resolve any issue they’re having to ensure they can use our products and program safely. We take complaints about our product extremely seriously, no matter the source. However, it is difficult for us as a company to respond to anonymous sources. We have a formal system in place and outside regulatory groups to help us assess and respond to any complaint we as a company receive no matter how large or small.

Q: Does F-Factor have a toxic culture problem?

A: F-Factor has never required that its employees look a certain way or dress anything beyond standard business attire, and any anecdotes to the contrary are not true. We strive to be a place of employment where our employees are happy to come to work, and while we have had to grow over the past 20 years, we are proud of where we are today. And that phenomenal growth could not have happened without each and every one of our employees along the way.