March 7th, 2023

“F Factor”: The diet that princesses Letizia and Marie Chantal follow to lose weight


“F Factor”: The diet that princesses Letizia and Marie Chantal follow to lose weight

Exposed at all hours, epicenter of the paparazzi and public figures par excellence, the members of the European royalties they spend time and energy on their image. And food is no less of a problem. Marie Chantal princess of Greece and Denmark, e Joy from Spain honor this premise and have been on a strict diet for years.

Chantal is also the author of a blog where she comments on topics related to nutrition and gives advice on motherhood and well-being.

It is on her personal website that Chantal has commented on her favorite diet, called “F factorThis plan is based on a combination of lean protein with some high-fiber, low-calorie carbohydrates.

What is Marie Chantal’s “F Factor” diet?

The main difference that this diet presents compared to the others is that it is not based on eliminating a food group; It emphasizes flexibility and does not rule out allowances or reduce the intake of any food. Since its main feature is the consumption of carbohydrates with high levels of fibers, from there it takes its name, with the letter F.

Marie Chantal follows the little-known “F Factor” diet.

This diet adopted by the Greek royal family member consists of three meals and a snack. Its main goal: to keep the person full throughout the day and prevent hunger. In concrete numbers, Chantal ensures that she consumes 37 grams of fiber, 40 grams of carbohydrates, and 20 grams of protein per meal daily.

While it sounds a bit complex, it’s not. The Spanish nutritionist Adriana Oroz Lacunzaauthor of the book “The dish method”, ensures that the “F Factor” is not far from a healthy and sustained food model, very similar to the well-known Mediterranean diet. The main point of connection between these regimens occurs in the consumption of fruits, vegetables and nuts.

The “F Factor” was designed by the dietician Tanya Zuckerbrotin his 2006 book “The F-Factor Diet: Discover the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss.” While every body is different, the author says, the regimen could make a person lose weight half a kilo a week.

The specialist describes how to carry out this diet, which consists of three phases:

  • phase one: With an estimated duration of two weeks, a consumption of 35 grams of fiber and less than 35 grams of daily net carbohydrates should be implemented. Total calories should not exceed 1,200.
  • phase two: in this phase the main objective is to lose weight. You should consume between 1,260 and 1,460 calories per day while maintaining a high fiber intake and increasing your carbohydrates to 75 grams.
  • phase three: This last phase is maintenance. Here the caloric intake must be kept between 1,600 and 2,000 per day. and hydrates must not exceed 125 grams.

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