Marcy Bloom

Lucky magazine

“Fashionable girls should sprint (stilettos in tow) to uncover the secret to shedding those last few pounds. If you want options – not restrictions – F-Factor should be your go-to philosophy.”


Paula Shuggart

Miss Universe Organization

“Tanya takes the denial out of dieting with a simple plan that lets you slim down while living it up just like her glamorous clients.”

Ronald W. Galluccio, M.D.

East Side Medical and Cardiovascular Associates, NY, NY

“Tanya Zuckerbrot’s approach to nutrition is sensible and based on science rather than fads. Under her guidance, my patients have significantly lowered their cholesterol, lost weight, and increased their chances for longevity.”

Assistant Clinical Professor

Jerome Zachs

The Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY

“Tanya’s scholarly approach is a gift that gives forever. Her contribution to preventative health care is immeasurable.”

Weight loss client

Jane Lipson

“Tanya goes the extra mile, which is so rare in people today. She cares about her client. That makes the program work.”


Dylan Lauren

Dylan’s Candy Store

“Tanya did the impossible – she helped me clean up my diet, lose weight, and feel healthy, without giving up occasional indulgences in candy.”

Advertising Executive & TV personality

Donny Deutsch

“When it comes to no- nonsense dieting, Tanya’s got the steak and the sizzle. I’m a satisfied client and a huge fan, because it works without compromising my lifestyle.”

Actor of film, stage and television

Brian Dennehy

“The F-Factor Diet helped me lower my cholesterol and lose ninety pounds. Even dining out was never a problem. This is the best I’ve felt in years!”

Founder & CEO

Marcia Nelson

Deals & Divas

“After trying virtually everything I was frustrated that they all worked in
the short term but weren’t flexible enough to accommodate my work and
lifestyle. Much of my career involves either entertaining clients or being
entertained, and the F-Factor diet has taught me how to enjoy eating out
and still lose weight. I recently launched my own company, which added to
my stress and crazy schedule, but thanks to F-Factor I am half-way to my
weight loss goal and already feel better, have more energy, and more
confidence in myself. Thanks, F-Factor. I’m a lifer!”