October 14th, 2020

A Statement From Tanya Zuckerbrot, CEO & Founder, F-Factor – Oct 2020


A word from our founder, Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD:


This year has been difficult for everyone. Our team at F-Factor has had the added challenge of navigating the spread of mass misinformation about our company over the past few months. This called into question my 20 years of expertise and credibility, as well as the safety of the F-Factor program and products. We are sorry if the rumors and false claims launched at us on social media created concern for those in the F-Factor community.

After decades of caring for and empowering others, I simply was not prepared for such a sudden, relentless attack against my company and my integrity. I want to apologize to our customers and clients for staying silent and not communicating more effectively, especially during a time when my voice as founder and CEO was needed to assure you that F-Factor and its products are safe.

Our products are and have always been thoroughly tested and would only leave our manufacturing facilities after being verified as safe for consumption when used as directed. In order to be as transparent as possible and to make this point clearly, we have added both the Certificate of Analysis and a 3rd party Toxicology Report here.  We hope that this helps to alleviate any and all remaining concerns.

We recognize that some customers may have allergies or intolerances to whey or dairy and may experience some temporary intolerance to a newly introduced amount of fiber. Please understand, even if a product is safe, someone might experience issues if they are allergic or intolerant to specific ingredients in the product. For example, peanut butter is known to be safe, but for people who are allergic to peanuts, it could cause adverse symptoms. Similarly, the ingredients in F-Factor products are known to be safe and the F-Factor products have always been safe when used appropriately.

I am invested in the human journey, educating with science, and lifting people’s spirits–all in the hope that they come to understand that health and wellness starts on the inside and works its way out.

My natural inclination has always been to share–whether it is my knowledge of nutrition, my passions, my favorite products, my life, or my company. The goal of my personal IG account was to be accessible and authentic, to use the platform to educate and inspire, and, most of all, to give my followers the opportunity to better know the person behind the F-Factor brand.

As part of that, I have also shared my ups and downs both personally and professionally. My hope was to bring my followers along on my journey as a mom, businesswoman, wife, and friend. Like many, I’ve experienced my own difficulties and my hope was to inspire people to never give up. With the benefit of hindsight I realize I may have shared too much, which may have seemed privileged at a time when many are struggling. The gratitude I felt didn’t translate as I intended, and for that I’m sorry.

I am incredibly proud of the company I built from the ground up with the help of the committed team at F-Factor. Through continued physician and patient referrals, F-Factor has been able to reach a large community of people dedicated to the same values, ideology and principles on which the company was founded. F-Factor’s growth has been a direct byproduct of our clients and customer’s success with the program and products.

We have spent the past several months internally focusing on what we can improve. Moving forward, we will listen better, respond quicker and be there for you to alleviate any concerns that may naturally result from changes to your diet. There is so much going on in the world right now that leaves us feeling powerless. If F-Factor can provide a degree of hopefulness and empowerment, then the mission of the company has proved correct.

We are determined to do better for our loyal customers who have remained supportive of me and F-Factor throughout this time, regain the trust of those we have lost and serve new customers in future. I am here for all of you and am dedicated to continuing to educate and rely on science and facts, which speak for themselves. In the meantime, I’ll speak directly to you once again.

All my best,