March 15th, 2018

A Lighter Linguine


We’ve scoured supermarkets and restaurants to find healthy FFactor™ approved food swaps for high-calorie favorites. Now you can satisfy your cravings without sabotaging your waistline.*


Grab some sauce and twirl your fork into this. 

Partially as a result of the growing concerns over food allergies and intolerances, and partially due to the food industry’s clever positioning of  “gluten-free” as “simply a healthier way to eat,” recent years have seen a burgeoning of innovations and products that cater to special diets. There are now multitudes of milks made from nuts, jerkies made from plants, hummus dips made from everything but chickpeas, and smoothies jam-packed with so many buzz word ingredients they have to be served in bowls and eaten with spoons. No longer do you even need to own a veggetti, as pre-spiralized vegetables are now readily available at our beckon! While there’s no denying that it’s important for those plagued with food sensitivities to have options, but just because a product fits the bill for someone’s health issue, does not mean that all of these products are actually healthy—or good for weight loss—for everyone. Case in point: gluten-free products.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: just because something is gluten-free, does not make it calorie-free, carb-free, or help you to lose weighteven if it is made from quinoa. Try a serving of Barilla Gluten Free Spaghetti, for example, and you’re looking at 200 calories and 44g of carbsbefore any sauce, cheese, or meatballs have been added. In terms of carbohydrates, you’re better off eating an entire McDonald’s Big Mac, or THREE servings of Halo Top, than the one measly serving of Barilla’s Gluten Free Spaghetti. Let that marinate with you.

Never a wet noodle, we do have a delicious product that we’re excited to tell you about about: a pasta innovation that whether you’re sensitive to gluten or not, is actually good for you, and good for weight loss, and can satisfy your cravings, without leaving your noodle filled with regret. F-Factor Fans, it’s time we tell you about Palmini.

Plamini is made from strands of hearts of palm, so it looks like good ol’ linguine, but has the nutrition of hearts of palm. One serving of Palmini contains just 20 calories—90% less than a serving of Barilla contains—and still has 2g fiber and 2g protein, too. It contains no fat, no sugar, or gluten eitherjust hearts of palm. And because of that, it get’s even better. Hearts of palm is a non-starchy vegetable, so not only is this linguine journaled as 0g of carbs on F-Factor, but it’s a FREE FOOD too! You can have as much as you’d like, so long as you’re careful with what you’re adding to it, and not look or feel like a meatball afterwards. 

We’re not suggesting that sauce-sloshed spaghetti and prepared strands of hearts of palm are fungible entities by any means, but up against the pasta, Palmini can really hold its own—with marinara, pesto, bolognese, or in ramen even. Twirl your fork right into that, the PASTAbilities are endless with this one!



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