September 11th, 2018

Introducing: Fresh From F-Factor


A *BRAND NEW* way for you to CONSUME our delicious recipes.  

Special delivery, and it is delicious! You asked and we listened. We heard you, loud and clear, you guys like your recipes! And as much as you love getting in the kitchen with our #FFACTORAPPROVED recipes, you still want a little more support. After many requests, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re serving up recipe tutorials andthis is the best partsending them out right to you once a week. Think how-tos in the form of POV-style videos and step-by-step photo guides for your favorite fare, delivered right to your inbox, every week. The best part is, these recipes are FRESH! Yes, Fresh From F-Factor, we’re delivering deliciousness. 

Details here:

WHO: Developed by us, broken down and made simple for YOU. 

WHAT: Short videos (like the one above!) and step-by-step guides for delicious #FFACTORAPPROVED recipeswith all the fixins (special ingredients and equipment, pro tips etc. anything you need to know to make this, we’re covering here). 

WHERE: If you’re reading this, you’re in the right place. Recipe tutorials will be will be added to their respective pages in recipes section of, but don’t even worry about navigating. Once you’re signed up for our mailing list (click here to sign up) they will be delivered to your mailbox every time a new one comes out! We’ve made this as Seamless as possible for you, no Postmates needed. 

WHEN: Weekly! THIS is the best part: these delicious deliveries will be sent right to your inbox, every Monday. How’s that for a tasty way to start the workweek?!

WHY: Part of the reason living the F-Factor Way is so liberating is that it is so easy to whip up delicious fare, and doing so can be fun too. These recipe tutorials are meant to make your meal prep even easier and more fun too. No need for millions special ingredients that you’ll only use once, and or spend hours on end in a professional kitchen either. Simplicity and deliciousness reign supreme here. 

Get excited to start cooking with us!