August 28th, 2020

F-Factor Founder Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, appeared on NBC’s TODAY Show to Set the Record Straight on Her Fiber and Health-Focused Diet


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On the TODAY Show, Zuckerbrot Announced She Has Publicly Posted F-Factor’s “Certificate of Analysis” to Show the Safety of her Natural-Ingredients in F-Factor’s Products

 New York, NY, August 28, 2020 – Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, founder and CEO of F-Factor and creator and author of The F-Factor Diet, appeared Thursday morning on NBC’s TODAY Show to set the record straight on the fiber-focused diet and lifestyle that has been helping people lose weight while living their best lives for two decades.

The best-selling “F-Factor Diet,” published 14 years ago, has sold over 100,000 copies. The program, which has been endorsed by numerous physicians and dieticians, emphasizes the benefits of a high-fiber diet for weight management and improving overall health.

“At F-Factor, our message is not about restriction, but about adding fiber rich foods into your diet. Fiber has numerous proven weight management properties and clinical health benefits. Fiber not only keeps you feeling full for a long time, but diets high in fiber are associated with lowering the risk of cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer, reduction of blood pressure, and many other health conditions,” said Zuckerbrot.

Zuckerbrot, who has helped countless people all over the world lose weight and improve their health without deprivation, denial, or hunger, also announced on NBC’s TODAY Show, that F-Factor has posted the company’s “Certificate of Analysis,” (CoA) on the F-Factor’s Instagram account and website. A CoA provides information on a supplier’s production process, including testing for natural metals and microbiological content.

NBC independently reviewed F-Factor’s CoA ahead of the interview and confirmed that the levels of all naturally occurring compounds in the F-Factor CoA were safe for consumption.

“Given the publication of anonymous reports expressing concerns about the safety of F-Factor products, we decided to publish the Certificate of Analysis – redacting only proprietary information,” said Zuckerbrot. “Although it is not industry standard to release these documents, F-Factor is committed to being transparent with customers. As a company, we are always learning. We regret not releasing the CoA sooner, but we are committed to learning from this experience.”

The founder and CEO also corrected the record on claims of trace metals in F-Factor’s consumable products.

“The earth’s soil naturally contains trace levels of metals. Therefore, anything grown in the soil, even organically, from strawberries to spinach to rice can contain trace amounts of metals,” said Zuckerbrot. “Because F-Factor products are made with all-natural ingredients, they too, can contain the same trace amounts. We test to ensure that our products are all-natural, non-GMO, and 100% safe for consumption.”

While the F-Factor Diet itself has been helping people manage their weight and improve their relationship with food for over 20 years, the consumable F-Factor products – bars and powders – came to market in 2018. The F-Factor protein bars and powders are an all-natural, healthy, and delicious way of adding fiber to your diet, but they are not essential to eating the F-Factor way. In fact, F-Factor always recommends getting fiber from whole foods first.

“I am a registered dietician. I’ve been eating this way for twenty years, and I will be eating this way for the rest of my life to manage my weight without hunger while improving my health. For me, the F-Factor Diet is about food freedom. It is not a calorie counting diet and it is not restrictive. I developed the F-Factor diet to provide ample calories, which is why I ask my customers not to try to customize or alter the program that is prescribed in the book or take it to any extremes,” said Zuckerbrot. “F-Factor is about learning how to eat to honor your health and your waistline. Our goal is to educate people on how to improve their lifestyle through their relationship with food. With education comes empowerment, and we are committed to empowering every one of our customers with the tools they need to live happier, healthier lives.”


About F-Factor:

Fad diets come and go, but after more than two decades of success stories and ongoing praise from the media, The F-Factor Diet has stood the test of time. Now hailed as the go-to lifestyle program for anyone who wants to improve their health and lose weight for good, F-Factor’s scientifically proven approach allows you to see results without hunger, deprivation, or denial. Change your life without disrupting your lifestyle: dine out, drink alcohol, eat carbs, and workout less from Day 1.

The F-Factor Program has been endorsed by numerous physicians and dieticians, including Dr. Jerome Zacks, Assistant Clinical Professor at the Mount Sinai Medical Center: “The F-Factor Diet is packed with critical facts that form the foundation for a knowledge-based approach to lifestyle nutritional success. Tanya’s scholarly approach is a gift that gives forever.  Her contribution to preventative health care is immeasurable.”

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