June 26th, 2019

This is the best bar to eat if you’re looking to lose weight

*Humble Brag* F-Factor FIBER/PROTEIN Bars are awesome


6 solid reasons these bars are perfect for effective weight management 

If you’re looking to lose or maintain weight, look no further. F-Factor FIBER/PROTEIN Bars are amazing, and to be honest, we just can’t stop being excited about them. They blow other protein bars out of the water! Of course, we’ve never the type to name names, but let’s just say we’re confident they’ll be the bar that will end your eternal QUEST to find that ONE panacea of a protein bar. And because these delicious, all-natural bars are not just PURE PROTEIN, if you THINK THIN, or consider yourself a HEALTH WARRIOR, they might just be the KIND of RX the doctor ordered. Again, not to name names or anything, but to find out why F-Factor Fiber/Protein bars are the PERFECT BAR read on. Here’s 6 reasons why F-Factor FIBER/PROTEIN Bars can help you lose or maintain your weight: 


Net carbs are the digested carbs, so the number of net carbs a food has refers to the amount of carbohydrates in that food that the body actually digests. This is important because it’s what the body uses for energy, and in terms of weight management, it’s what ends up being stored as fat and consequently can lead to weight gain when you consume too much. Since each F-Factor FIBER/PROTEIN bars contains 20g of fiber, and 3g Gylcerin, which is an all-natural sugar alcohol (and thus cannot be digested by the body) the amount of carbs that is actually digested in one bar is just 4-5g depending on the flavor bar. Compared to other bars, this is the very low end of the spectrum (RX Bars are about 20g net carb, Lara Bars are 19-24g net carb per bar, Luna Bars have ~25g net carb, and Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars have up to 27g net carb!). The lower net carb is, the less digested carbs you take in, the better position your body is in to burn fat for fuel.


Including an afternoon snack in your daily routine can make weight management efforts exceedingly more effective, so long is the snack is a good snack. A good snack is between 150-250 calories, and has at least 5g of both fiber and protein, so where these bars have 170-180 calories, 20g fiber and 20g protein a piece, they fit bill perfectly. They’re also a viable snack option because they’re easy to bring with you on the go. You can keep them in your desk, throw one in your bag, or leave some in your car so that you have something for whenever hunger strikes. Simply put, they’re uber convenient, and we all know how much more attractive something like healthy eating is to do when it’s made as easy for us as possible. 


This point doesn’t apply to everyone, but those who follow gluten-free, vegan or dairy-free diets, and/or those who actively seek out products with such attributes are apt to rejoice. Products that cater to specialty diets often replace an ingredient/ ingredients to make them suitable for those dietary constraints. With gluten-free products, gluten is taken out, which typically means the fiber is being stripped out along with it; and with vegan products, it’s ingredients like dairy, egg and their derivatives that need to be replaced. Either way, the resultant products often have more fat and calories (and in the case of gluten-free foods, less fiber) because the replacement ingredients are typically foods like nuts and seeds, which despite being healthful (and vegan, and grain-free), are calorie-dense. Therefore, the fact that FIBER/PROTEIN bars are both gluten-free and vegan, yet aren’t so high in fat or calories (3.5-5g fat and 170-180 calories per bar) really makes them stand out on their own. 


Each F-Factor FIBER/PROTEIN Bar contains 20g of fiber AND 20g of protein. Fiber and protein are the two nutrients that fill you up on the fewest amount of calories. This helps with weight management because the fuller you feel after a meal, the less likely you’ll be to overeat at the next meal, and thus, the more likely you’ll be to lose weight. As you can imagine, TWENTY grams of both nutrients isn’t a little bit—this bar really does the trick! 

For maximal satiation, pair F-Factor FIBER/PROTEIN Bar with 12oz water. Aside from fiber needing water to work it’s magic, the water allows the bar to swell in your stomach. As food volume expands, it stretches your stomach and the satiety hormone, cholecystokinin (CCK) signals to the brain, “I’m full.” Thus, you fill up on less and lose weight.


As mentioned above, fiber is what helps to fill you up, that’s because it adds bulk to foods and swells in the stomach. But that’s not all, fiber is also but what revs metabolism and binds with fat and calories and ushers them out of the body—there’s a reason we call it the secret nutrient for weight loss without hunger after all. Women need a minimum of 35g of fiber per day, and men need at least 38g, so getting 20g from just one delicious-tasting, easy-to-eat bar makes meeting your daily fiber needs easier than ever. 


Also noted above, F-Factor FIBER/PROTEIN Bars contain 20g of muscle-building protein each. In addition to filling you up, protein is essential for building new and maintaining lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism, which makes weight management efforts much less of an uphill battle. 

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