November 19th, 2018

Condiment Critiques: Cranberry Sauce


We’ve scoured supermarkets and restaurants to find healthy FFactor® approved food swaps for high-calorie favorites. Now you can satisfy your cravings without sabotaging your waistline.* 

Can you ditch the can-can? Yes you can! 

Perhaps best known for it’s quintessential role in the Thanksgiving feast, cranberry sauce is a fruit-derived condiment commonly used in the Fall and winter months to add a touch of sweetness to roast meats, fish dishes and other savory fare. Unfortunately, despite being derived from fruit, it’s not necessarily the best thing to always pair with your lean proteins. Just a ¼ cup of the canned store-bought stuff can add an extra 110 calories to your plate, the bulk of which comes from sugar28 grams worth in fact! To put that into perspective for you, that’s like taking your turkey and pouring SEVEN teaspoons of sugar right on top. In that measly ¼ cup there’s even more sugar than an entire cup of Coca Cola (imagine pouring that all over your turkey and stuffing – Yuck!)

This time around, scratch the ready-made sauces and make yours from scratch, with Tanya’s “cranBERRIES” sauce recipe. Unlike the jellied cans, this homemade recipe keeps the calories and sugar content low (over 85% less sugar than Ocean Spray’s!) but flavor high, and worthy of all fall feasts. And with only 4 ingredients, it is also super simple to make. The secret to this sauce? Blueberries, which add a touch of sweetness, antioxidants and a boost of fiber so that each serving packs in 4g of the belly-filling good stuff! That’s more than 4 times the amount of fiber in a sliver out of Ocean Sprays’ can – it’s no wonder we love this sauce!


TO JOURNAL THIS FOOD: Tanya’s Homemade Cran-Berries Sauce – 25g carbohydrate, 4g fiber 


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