October 24th, 2018

The F-Factor Phenomenon Sweeps Wall Street

Low risk, high return


Stocks and bonds may go up and down…but there is no better investment than investing in your health.

We are excited to share that F-Factor was invited to the iconic New York Stock Exchange this past month (10/2018). LIVE, from the floor of the NYSE, CEO and Founder of F-Factor, Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD sat down with Cheddar hosts Nora Ali and Hope King to talk about F-Factor’s rapid growth as an emerging wellness brand. 

For those not familiar with Cheddar, it is a live business news network, watched by 6.5 million people each month, that covers “the most innovative executives, founders, products, and technologies transforming our lives and economy.” We are both honored and humbled to be included in such ranks.

Backed by science and over 20 years of clients’ success, the F-Factor program is the most liberating and sustainable approach to weight loss and optimal health in today’s over-saturated wellness space. Through education, F-Factor’s proprietary nutrition method has resonated with thousands of people, helping them to effectively look and feel their very best. With the introduction of products intended to make living the F-Factor way even easier—and tastier—than ever before, F-Factor has become a transformative solution to the weight management issues our world faces, that is accessible by all. 

In addition to weight loss, F-Factor has helped thousands maintain their healthy cholesterol levels, support blood sugar levels already in the healthy range, sleep better and feel more confident in their own skin. It is a regarded today as the go-to method of eating for anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

To put this back into a finance-minded metaphor, living The F-Factor Way is a low risk, high return investment. Sure, you can put your trust into a fad diet that promises returns as lofty as end-of-2017 Bitcoin, but just like the infamous cryptocurrency, that path is sure to be volatile at best. For a trusted, proven method invest in f-factor. When you invest your time in living The F-Factor Way, you invest in YOUR own health and happiness. And despite being more in the fiber business than that of stocks and annuities and other Wall Street-esque assets, we can attest there is no better investment one can make, than in oneself. YOU matter, don’t forget that.

Keep investing in YOU, F-Factor Fans, and you’ll see, your personal stock will rise, and the returns will be rich, enjoyable, and worth it.