December 27th, 2019

This is THE solution for your weight management resolutions

Resolve to live a fuller life—with F-Factor


4 easy resolutions you’re actually going to want to commit to in 2020

As the new year approaches, resolutions are on the mind. What are you going to work on in 2020? How are you going to improve upon yourself? What is it you’d like to accomplish?

This year, we’re resolving to live a fuller life, and we’re going to do that with F-Factor. Not only does F-Factor fill you up (fiber, duh!), but it helps you manage your weight without giving up things in your life that you love. IE It helps you to live a fuller life. With F-Factor you can change your life, without compromising your lifestyle, and that in itself sets you up for weight-related resolution success.

How so? We have 4 easy resolutions that can shed some light…


Living healthier by eating waffles, mac and cheese, muffins and biscuits? Now that’s a resolution we can stick to! Carbs are an integral part of F-Factor, because fiber, the secret to weight loss without hunger, is only found in carbs. Fiber receives this notoriety because it helps you feel full. When eaten, fiber swells in the stomach. Therefore, when you follow a diet rich in high fiber foods (like F-Factor) you feel full after eating and you’ll generally eat less throughout the day, leading to weight loss… And if you want to live a fuller life, feeling full and satiated is certainly part of that. Also, who wants to never eat a bowl of pasta ever again?


Have no reservations about making reservations, because when living the F-Factor Way, dining out is part of the Fun. When you know how to order, and what to eat, restaurant fare is completely fair game, and F-Factor teaches you how to order off any menu. Prefer meals at home? You can cook too; no one’s forcing you to dine out. The point is, you’re Free to do what works for you and your life, and having that freedom to continue taking part in social obligations, trying new restaurants, traveling etc, all makes sticking with F-Factor even more sustainable. And when a plan can be sustained, the results can be too.


Dry January? F-(Factor) That! When you live the F-Factor Way, you never have to say no to meeting friends for drinks, or hold back when there’s a ceremonial toast. Like eating carbs and dining out, imbibing (for some) is part of living life to the fullest, and thus can be enjoyed from Day 1. Firstly, cutting something out that you enjoy, or is part of your normal routine, typically leads to feelings of deprivation and denial, and that makes sticking with your plan a whole lot more challenging to do. Additionally, if you want to effect lasting weight loss, why cut something out temporarily, if you’re ultimately going to add in? That creates weight loss in a false setting. Temporary solutions equal temporary results. For lasting results, do what you’re going to do from day one. That wine isn’t going to drink itself, so raise your glass!


As anyone who’s ever been to a gym the first Monday after New Year’ can attest, its not the kind of place you want to spend hours upon hours at—especially if you’re not getting the results you want. This year, get off the metaphorical treadmill of tirelessly attempting to make enough time for cardio, and resolve to start the year stronger by building more lean muscle. When you spend time on strength training exercises, rather than cardio, you’re making the most of your precious time because you’re building more lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle one has, the faster their metabolism, so in effect, you’re still burning calories even after you throw in the towel and exit the gym. Your time is precious, take those hours back by making the most of your workouts with strength training activities.


Not only are these four resolutions enjoyable, and one’s you’ll actually want to commit to, but together show how F-Factor helps you live a fuller life. It helps you get your precious time back, and let’s you enjoy the activities you love. And that, when it comes to New Year’s resolution success, is huge.

Listen, New Year’s resolutions are tough to keep up, and that’s especially true of one’s centered around losing weight. According to U.S. News & World Report, by the second week of February 80% of New Year’s resolutions have been abandoned!* But when you resolve to manage your weight with F-Factor, you’re upping your chances of success 10-fold because F-Factor isn’t like most diets; it’s sustainable. As these 4 resolutions illustrate, F-Factor adds to your life, it makes it more enjoyable because you can take part in the things you love. In effect these 4 easy resolutions can make your big (or small) weight loss resolutions a whole lot easier to tackle, or in other (rhyming) words, it’s the solution for maintaining your weight loss resolutions.

Happy New Year, F-Factor Friends!


*Luciani, J. (2015). Why 80 Percent of New Year’s Resolutions Fail. Retrieved from