May 30th, 2018

Living on F-Factor: E-books and Iphones

You asked, we listened. Follower question of the week.


Q: I purchased one of your E-books from my iPhone, now what? How do I access it? 

A: Thank you for your interest in our collection of E-books! F-Factor E-books are intended to be used in conjunction with the F-Factor Diet: Discover the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss book and the F-Factor Journal Book. Step by step instructions on downloading and accessing your new E-book from your iPhone here: 


Purchase one of our E-Books.  Once you’ve completed check out and the order has been placed you will see a screen that says “ORDER RECEIVED” on the device in which you are using.


If you placed the order from your computer, click the purple button by download and save the file as you normally would. If you placed the order on your iPhone or iPad you can download it to that device and save it for reading later. To do this, click the purple button on this screen with the title of the E-book you would like to download. This will open the E-book in your browser.


The E-book file is now in your browser. Save your E-book file where you want to access it. You have several options here via the “Action (share)” icon (pictured to the right). By clicking the action icon you can then…

Action (share) icon

  • Add the E-book to your iBooks by clicking the copy to iBooks icon.
  • Add the E-book to your “reading list” for reading later. Click the add to reading list icon and follow directions on how to use the reading list by clicking here.
  • Add the E-book to your Home Screen. Click the add to Home Screen icon, name the E-book and it will appear in your home screen similar to an app icon going forward.
  • Save the E-book to your files by clicking the save to files icon. From your files you can send it to your computer etc.
  • Print the E-book by clicking the print icon if you are connected wirelessly to a printer (see screenshot).


Access your E-book whenever you like from the respective place you saved it, read and enjoy!


For a list of all of our E-books click here.