September 19th, 2017

Tanya’s Top: Vegan Products

Think you can’t be vegan and do F-Factor? Think again

6 #FFACTORAPPROVED certified vegan products.

As discussed when Tanya was LIVE on Just Jenny (9/13/17), one of the best things about F-Factor is that it can be tailored to meet any special dietary constraints. In terms of a vegan version of F-Factor, there is an extra focus on getting adequate protein, without going overboard on carbs, because most vegan sources of protein (think lentils, beans and quinoa) happen to be carb-heavy. Here are Tanya’s top products for to help vegans succeed on Step 1 of F-Factor.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk – Many non-dairy milks can separate when mixed into coffee and tea or when used as a milk replacement for cereal, but this one has passed our tests. It does lack protein, but since it is so low calorie, adding a protein powder to it creates the perfect base for a nutritious breakfast.

Bob’s Red Mill Soy Protein Powder – As mentioned above, almond milk should be paired with protein powder for an #FFACTORAPPROVED breakfast, and at 80 calories per serving, this one is choice. Enjoy the two with a high-fiber cereal and serving of berries and you’ll be sure to stay full all morning long. Bonus: not only is it gluten free, but it’s unflavored too, so you can do more with it. 

Nasoya Organic Firm Tofu – Each 3 oz serving of Nasoya Extra Firm Tofu will provide you with 8 grams of non-GMO soy protein. Tofu, on its own, is a bit flavorless—but it acts as a sponge for herbs, spices, and sauces, making it an ideal high protein ingredient. Use in place of eggs to make vegan scrambles with vegetables, or sauté it with cauliflower rice for an easy, delicious dinner.

Go Veggie Vegan Parmesan Grated Topping – SO.MUCH.FLAVOR. and only 2 net carbs! It even provides you with an extra gram of protein too. A little goes a long way with this one, so use to flavor zoodles or vegan F-Factor Pizzas

kite hill cream cheese spread f-factor

Kite Hill Almond Milk Chive Cream Cheese Style Spread – Schmear on your high-fiber crackers for breakfast or snack, need we say more?

Trader Joe’s Steamed LentilsI love these because they’re so easy make. Fully cooked and packed in a pouch, all you have to do is throw in microwave if you want them warm. While beans, peas and lentils are not included in regular Step 1 of the F-Factor Diet, they’re allowed for vegans because sources of proteins suited for them are limited.  These guys are great in salads or on GG. 

Want more? The Vegan F-Factor Diet Plan is available for download here, and to listen to Tanya’s interview on Sirius XM Stars’ Just Jenny about doing F-Factor as a vegan, click here

#TanyaTip: look for products that have a minimum of 10g protein per serving, with less than 5g carbs–and as always, the more fiber the better.