December 22nd, 2015

All around the world people are underestimating obesity rates.

Did you know:

Most people around the world are ignorant to the extent to which their countries are overweight or obese.

A recent global survey found that the majority of the public underestimated how many people in their country, out of every 100, were overweight or obese.  In the U.S, respondents guessed that precisely half of our population is overweight, when in actuality, that number is far greater; over 66% of us are classified as overweight, and more than 1/3 of Americans are considered obese.  In Saudi Arabia respondents guessed an average of 28% to be obese. The real rate is a disturbingly high 71 out of every 100. Obesity has grown to become one Saudi Arabia’s leading causes of preventable deaths.

Infographic: The Public Underestimates The Extent Of Obesity | Statista
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