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July 21st, 2016

Should You Eat Yogurt While You’re On Antibiotics?

Eating yogurt while taking antibiotics isn’t ACTUALLY as beneficial for you as you might think.

 woman eating yogurt while on antibiotics

For many, a prescription of antibiotics often means looming upset stomachs, followed by frequent, uncomfortable trips to the bathroom. To offset this unfortunate side effect, many believe and recommend eating yogurt for the probiotic benefits of better digestion. If the idea of eating yogurt on an upset stomach makes you say, “YUCK!” well, you’re in luck as new research has found this home remedy to be a little unfounded. 

The logic behind this old wives’ tale is that yogurt contains live active cultures that promote digestion (and thus can help an upset stomach due to antibiotic use). However, the beneficial bacteria in yogurt may not be enough to compensate for the bacteria destroyed by the antibiotics. 

 The British Journal of General Practice published research that examined if eating yogurt while taking antibiotics for five days affected the diarrhea caused by the antibiotic use. Researchers found that the yogurt did not prevent the diarrhea AT ALL! But they did find that subjects aged 60 and older reported positive effects from eating yogurt. These effects included less flatulence and abdominal pain.