July 20th, 2016

Trend Alert: Hummus without Chickpeas

Garbanzo-shmanzo, chickpea-free is the be the way to be.

There’s no denying it, people love hummus. Safe for most food intolerances, seemingly healthy and exceptionally versatile, hummus is more cosmopolitan than a creamy, white French Onion dip, yet less sumptuous than caviar – essentially, it’s the People’s Dip. Consequently, hummus is everywhere. From the Middle East, to the West Coast, and back again, all over the world, the beloved dip glitters the appetizer section of all types of restaurant menus. And with the wide array of flavors and brands on the market, hummus takes up some serious real estate in the refrigerated foods section. Hummus even has a hold on Instagram now – have you seen @hotdudesandhummus yet!? To say hummus is hot is an understatement!

What’s hotter-than-hot in the hummus world? Going chickpea-free and double dipping into other foods as the new base of the popular spread. 

In order to keep carbohydrates and fat down, people are getting more creative with hummus. While the traditional hummus contains chickpeas (“hummus” literally translates to chickpeas in Arabic), this should not deter us from trying something new! It’s time we think outside the chickpea can and when we think hummus variety, we think about different flavors to supplement the bland chickpea, like garlic and roasted peppers. But what about lighter hummus options when we crave more than a measly 2 tablespoon portion? There are endless options that make amazing light bases for hummus-like dips, such as edamame, black beans, beet, butternut squash and even zucchini!

Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus – Since it’s still too hot for a creamy autumn soup fix, roasted butternut squash makes a wonderful substitute for chickpeas in hummus. Our butternut squash hummus recipe is perfect for those who love regular hummus but want a lower-calorie option. While chickpeas have 729 calories in one cup, butternut squash has only 63! All of the flavor, none of the guilt.

 Zucchini Hummus – Like the roasted butternut squash hummus, zucchini hummus is a must-try. It’s a refreshing, low-carb, low-calorie, and low-fat dip option for any occasion. Try our recipe for bean-free zucchini “hummus” , use it as a salad dressing to add some fiber and spice to your mixed greens.

Beet Hummus – Think pink here. Many stores such as Trader Joe’s now offer a version of Beet “Hummus”. Substituting beets for chickpeas, but keeping many of the same spices such as lemon juice and tahini, you get a delicious, hot pink-magenta dip that tastes like both hummus and beets. This low-carb dip is perfect to eat with cucumbers, celery, or even just your fingers.

Veggie hummus doesn’t have to be so black and white–or pink, or green!–though. Many store brands, such as Eat Well Embrace Life, substitute a portion of the chickpeas for other vegetables like carrots, beets, cucumber and edamame. At just 50 calories for two tablespoons and 3 grams of net carbs, what could go wrong with these delicious options?