March 30th, 2016

UK to charge soda tax on sugary drinks

The Modern Day Tea Tax


Soda tax

Is it 1773 again?!

The British are causing a stir taxing drinks again, this time it’s not just tea though… and it’s not a bag thing either! As an attempt to fight childhood obesity, the U.K. government this week announced a new tax on soda and sugary drinks. According to CNN Money, one in five children in the U.K. are obese, which is among the highest rates in developed countries.  Former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, welcomed the news saying that this decision “puts the U.K. at the forefront of the global fight to reduce obesity and diabetes.”  Another supporter is celebrity chef Jaime Oliver, who has lobbied for this cause for a several years. This tax will be effective as of April 2018, giving companies enough time to reduce the amount of sugar in their drinks if they choose. The question remains, should America follow suit?