August 20th, 2018

Living On F-Factor: How To Get Back On Track

You asked, we listened. Follower question of the week.

Q: I wasn’t my best recently and need to get back on track with Step 1. Any tips?  

A: We know this one all too well. It’s time for a Step 1 REFRESH – AKA we’re back to a strict Step 1 for 1-2 weeks to get back on track.  Of course there are things you can do to ensure your success now, and we’ve got the master herself, Tanya Zuckerbrot, here to explain just how. Stay motivated and on track with these top tips: 

SET YOUR INTENTIONS. What are your goals this week? Spend a moment or two to decide what you want to accomplish. Write them down, set it in your mind and honor them each day. The writing part is key here; by writing down your goals you’re forced to clarify exactly what it is that you want. The more specific that your intentions are, the less wiggle room you give yourself—and therefore the less likely you are to slip upFor more tips on goal setting, click here.

REFRESH YOUR MEMORY. Open up your little green-and-white Bible AKA The F-Factor Diet Book and read over Step 1 (chapter 6). Review the different foods allowed on Step 1 (pgs 94-97) and the exchange lists (in chapter 3), as well as the serving sizes and recommended products to use. The Step 1 Guidelines (pgs 98-101), specifically, are a great framework to follow. Who knows, maybe there’s something you missed the first time or forgot about!

PLAN AHEAD AND JOURNAL. When you’re prepared, you’re less likely to make poor, impulsive decisions. If you have a busy week, plan out your meals for each day and journal those meals ahead of time too. This gives you a game plan to follow, and because you wrote it down, you’re locked in.

SWITCH IT UP. One of the best things about F-Factor that you are never too limited or deprived from any food group. Your meal options are endless, so you’ll never get bored eating this way. Both The F-Factor Diet Book and Miracle Carb Diet Book, are full of delicious and nutritious #FFACTORAPPROVED recipes, and we have new ones posted to our site regularly. Click here to check out the latest, and see below for example Step 1 Days.

HYDRATE. Did you know the symptoms of dehydration mimic those of hunger? So often we think we’re hungry and grab an indulgent snack, like a candy bar, when really all we needed was a 0 calorie glass of H2O. I recommend drinking 3 liters of water each day to ensure proper hydration. Plus, fiber needs water to work it’s magic 😉