November 11th, 2015

Thanks—but, no thanks—giving

Take a look at the numbers above. Add them up. What do you get? 1,988. That’s right, most Americans consume almost 2,000 calories with their Thanksgiving plate alone! That equates to a day’s worth of calories in one sitting—and doesn’t include appetizers, wine, a first course or any other meals that day. To prevent yourself from gaining the 6-8 pounds that the average American gains during the holiday season, check out our recommendations below.

  • Begin the feast on a healthy – and filling – note. Instead of caloric spreads and fatty appetizers, have low-calorie dips and light munchies out during food preparation and pre-dinner socializing.
  • Make the vegetable side dishes the star of the show – or at least the co-star. Avoid adding hidden calories during food preparation, such as butter to mashed white or sweet potatoes, or butter and oil to veggies. Instead add vinegar or Parmesan cheese for added flavor without the calories.
  • Use whole-wheat instead of white bread or brown and wild rice to make your stuffing. Swap herbs and spices for some salt. Add some nuts or seeds for crunch and flavor.


Cooking for the first time this year? Whether you’re an amateur or not we’ve got PRO TIPS for hosting and video recipe makeovers for all the Thanksgiving staples to help you out.