December 19th, 2018

How to Bounce Back After a Holiday Calorie Splurge

Did your diet take an “L” over the holidays? It’s time to bounce-back.

5 tips to help you recover from a holiday calorie splurge

So you overdid it a little bit at last night’s holiday gathering, and now you feel like you look 8 months pregnant with a champagne and mini hotdog food baby. And when you think about it, maybe you indulged a little too much at that dinner a few days back… and there was that company Secret Santa pizza party too. While we’re on topic, turns out you’ve forgone any workouts because it’s pitch black out at 4pm and you have so many things to do and gifts to buy and obligations to attend between now and the New Year. F*CK!

Hey, we get it. High calorie, sugar-laden foods are EVERYWHERE you could possibly turn during the holiday season. And just one taste here, and another there, can’t do much harm, right? Eh, you’ve got to have STRONG willpower to not let little indulgences compound. Did you adopt that dreaded mindset that one indulgence ruined everything, so you might as well just keep going with them because you’re hopeless now, and will just have to deal with it in the New Year? NO, NO! Say it isn’t so! Whatever lead you here, if any of the above iterates even a twang of you inner monologue, it’s time we bounce back, and get back on track. Here’s 5 strategies to get you back on track and feeling good after any slip ups, so come Jan 1, you’re ready to go. 

The following tips are not a magic-pill to reverse any and all diet damage by any means. If the damage has not yet been done, don’t start now, then try to undo, that’s just silly! These tips are a Plan-B in the event you need some help getting back on track. [/box]


A festive splurge doesn’t have to wind up on your hips.  If you went overboard, get back to your usual routine of healthy eating. Stick to regular mealtimes and focus on foods that are filling, yet low in calories. Do this by pairing proper servings of lean protein and high-fiber carbs for each meal and snack.

PRO TIP: Starting each morning with a high fiber breakfast can help you get close to, or meet, half of your daily fiber needs before lunch. Set yourself up for success each day with these 10 healthy high-fiber breakfasts.  


Drinking plenty of water is key to feeling fuller, longer, and just better overall. Often, symptoms of dehydration mimic the symptoms of hunger, leading us to reach for a snack like a 200-calorie leftover Christmas cookie, when all we really needed was a 0 calorie glass of pure ol’ H2O. Drinking water throughout the day also helps the body flush out toxins and chemicals that slow down your metabolism.

Put the new fancy water bottle you got over the holidays to good use and fill it up regularly throughout the day: 3 liters is the magic number we’re aiming for. Bonus: if your job has you sitting at a desk all day, this gives you more chances to get up, stretch your legs and move around a little, while you’re refilling at the nearest water fountain. It’s a win win win!


One reason your pants may feel a little tighter after the holidays is because of the high sodium content common to traditional holiday foods. While that sodium may make your food taste great, it comes with the downsides of water retention and bloating. NOT. FUN. The good thing is, you can counteract that with potassium rich foods. Potassium, another mineral that you likely associate with bananas,  counterbalances sodium. What does that mean for you? Think diuretic superpowers that will help you banish that bloat so you can get into (and sit comfortably in) those super tight leather pants, and keep you from looking preggers in anything form fitting. Good sources of potassium include bananas, papayas, kiwis, strawberries, spinach, watercress, and broccoli.

PRO TIP: Blend any of the fruits and veggies above with ice, unsweetened almond milk and F-Factor 20/20 Fiber/Protein powder to make a nutrient-rich bloat-banishing smoothie (like this one!) that you can sip on for hours. For more smoothie recipes, click here.  


You know your google cal is time filled to the max with meetings, parties, dinners with friends, end of year projects, and those last minute appointments (why, why, why did you let yourself reschedule the dentist until now?! AND you still need a wax before vacay too, ah!). But none of that will be enjoyable at all if you’re sitting around feeling like a gross fat blob, so do yourself a favor and schedule workouts. Having that workout booked (and paid for) will decrease the chances of you skipping it just because it’s dark, or you’re tired, or it’s cold outten-fold. That me-time sweat sesh is only an hour, and you deserve it amidst the holiday stress. It also will help you to get back on track as you start making it a habit. Book your bikes, and reserve that mat, what’s important is that you make the concerted effort to stay physically active by scheduling workouts as you would any event or appointment. 

PRO TIP: Really struggling to fit it all in? See if one of the many friends you need to see wants to do a class instead of getting a round of drinks… you can always toast the holidays post sweat! And on days where a workout is just a no-go, sneak squats into any idle time, take the stairs whenever you can, and forgo sitting in an uber in traffic, and make it a brisk walk instead. Who says your commute can’t double as a workout! Remember that short periods of activity, even little bouts, have a cumulative benefit.


Stay on track to bouncing back by imaging yourself looking and feeling great. Shake off those negative, regretful feelings. Write down your goals and practice honoring them each day in order to avoid further diet slip ups. Bonus: stay on track now and you will be that much closer to your New Year New You goals come January 1. 

For more support on getting back on track and losing the weight once and for all, consider making an appointment with an F-Factor Registered Dietitian.