September 12th, 2018

9 High Fiber Breakfasts Sure To Keep You Feeling Full Until Lunch

9 ways to meet half your daily fiber needs by noon.

AKA the MOST effective way to meet your daily fiber needs 

Fiber is the secret to weight loss without hunger. If you’re not already familiar with fiber, it is the zero-calorie, non-digestible part of a carbohydrate that adds bulk to food. When eaten, fiber swells in the stomach. Therefore, when you follow a diet rich in fiber (like F-Factor!) you feel full after eating and you’ll generally eat less throughout the day, leading to weight loss. Fiber also absorbs and removes fat and calories, and boosts metabolism.

Where weight gain is on the rise in this country, everyone should be eating more fiber. For weight loss and management, as well as optimal health, women should aim for at least 35 grams of fiber per day, men 38 grams. However, the average American barley gets 15g per day–not even half what they need!

While 35-38g might seem like a daunting task, it’s actually not so tough. Meeting those daily fiber goals need not be a burden at all, so long as you start your day off right.

What have we always said is the most important thing?


Breakfast is the perfect opportunity to meet nearly nearly HALF your fiber needs (there’s a reason they say it’s the most important meal of the day, after all).These delicious recipes below will have you meeting those daily fiber goals with ease, by front loading your day so you’re halfway there by noon. Here’s 9 delicious high-fiber breakfasts to get you to your daily fiber goal:

F-Factor Mocha “Frappuccino” made high-fiber and low-cal thanks to 20/20 Fiber/Protein powder.

 CINNAMON RAISIN “BAGEL” WAFFLES  – 334 calories per serving,  21g fiber.

Fiber needed after finishing→ 14g (women), 17g (men)

 CLOUD EGGS + 20/20 MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO  – 336 calories per serving,  22g fiber. 

Fiber needed after finishing→ 13g (women), 16g (men)

  CHOCOLATE BELGIAN WAFFLES  – 255 calories per serving, 20g fiber

Fiber needed after finishing→ 15g (women), 18g (men)

 DAIRY-FREE FIBER WAFFLES  + MATCHA LATTE  – 245 calories per serving,  22g fiber. 

Fiber needed after finishing→ 13g (women), 16g (men)

 GARDEN VEGETABLE OMELET + 4 GG Bran Crispbreads  – 235 calories per serving,  20g fiber.

Fiber needed after finishing→ 15g (women), 18g (men)

Who wouldn’t want to wake up and have Belgian waffles for breakfast? These gluten-free chocolate waffles are worth getting out of bed for!

 KEY LIME PIE SMOOTHIE  – 189 calories per serving,  21g fiber.

Fiber needed after finishing→ 14g (women), 17g (men)

 MIXED BERRY “OATMEAL”  – 200 calories per serving,  26g fiber. 

Fiber needed after finishing→ 9g (women), 12g (men)

 SIMPLE SHAKSHUKA + 4 GG Bran Crispbreads  – 175 calories per serving,  18g fiber. 

Fiber needed after finishing→ 17g (women), 20g (men)

Tropical chia seed pudding. Creamy and delicious!

 TROPICAL CHIA SEED PUDDING + VANILLA LATTE  – 340 calories per serving,  25g fiber. 

Fiber needed after finishing→ 10g (women), 13g (men)

Part of the reason some of these recipes are so high in fiber, yet still low in calorie is because they’re made with 20/20 Fiber/Protein Powders, which pack 20g of fat-fighting fiber, along with 20g of muscle-building protein. It’s a hero ingredient that makes achieving your daily fiber goals much easier. 20/20 Fiber/Protein powders are available here, click below to purchase.


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