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June 3rd, 2020

7 Steps to Creating A Productive Morning Routine


A better day can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 (+ 4…)


Alarm goes off. Hit snooze (at least 3 times). Scroll through Instagram. Check Email. Guzzle as much coffee as possible. Open laptop (while still in bed). Sound familiar? While this may seem harmless, you’ve already put yourself at a disadvantage by littering your morning with bright screens, difficult updates, and work demands. This may not seem like a huge deal, however as the novelty of working remotely has worn off, we have to adapt to a new normal and get ourselves back on a more routine schedule. Here are 7 things to do every AM to get your day started off on the right foot. 


Yes, this means setting an alarm – and not hitting snooze indefinitely until your meeting starts at 9:00AM. Establishing a solid sleep schedule still matters– yup, sorry we had to say it. That’s because going to bed around the same time each night and waking up around the same time each morning actually helps to regulate your body. Not to mention, you will have improved alertness, sharper focus, less insomnia, and a brighter mood. Additionally, by getting up at the same time every day, you’re able to better schedule out your day and make time for yourself before jumping into the craziness of work.


Drinking water first thing in the morning, while not always the most appealing, actually helps to immediately rehydrate your body after 6-8 hours without any fluids. It also helps to increase alertness, jump start your metabolism, and fuel your brain. If you don’t love the taste of water, try adding some lemon or berries to it for a more refreshing (and fiber-packed!) beverage. Speaking of a fiber-packed beverage, Wanu Water is a great way to get in some naturally flavored H20 plus 10 essential nutrients that provide natural energy and boost your metabolism – including fiber, with 6g per bottle.


How many of us reach for our phones first thing in the morning, and then get sucked into a vortex of answering work emails, scheduling meetings, and planning for the day ahead (guilty as charged!). Taking just five minutes to connect with yourself each morning is crucial to setting your intentions for the day. Journaling and meditation (our founder, Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS RD, has been loving the Calm App) have been known to reduce anxiety, feeling of overwhelming panic, and overall stress- which in these uncertain times we need more than ever.  Taking a few moments for yourself to practice gratitude will help set a positive tone for the day.

4) MOVE AROUND/ EXERCISE (even if you don’t want to)

Now, we know that not everyone is a morning workout person, so by no means do you need to get up and run 5 miles, but getting in some kind of movement will release endorphins and get your blood flowing. You can achieve this from both low impact workouts, such as yoga, Pilates, or a quick walk, and high impact workouts, such as HIIT or dance cardio. Check out the F-Factor Team’s favorite at-home workouts here.


While it can be tempting to fall into a uniform of comfy PJ’s every day when working from home, there’s a huge benefit to getting dressed (even if it’s from one pair of sweatpants to another!) It sets the tone for your day, makes you feel more put together, and prevents you from scrambling around last minute when someone says they need you to join a Zoom call last minute.  Overall, you’ll feel more confident, focused, and put together.


When there are no set “work rules” anymore, it can be easy to let the days blur together, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and overworked. By identifying your top five priorities for the day (no matter how big or small) you’ll be able to set the tone for your day, and when 6:00PM rolls around you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.


Lastly, and most importantly, eat a fiber and protein-packed breakfast! Here at F-Factor, we’re obsessed with creating delicious and creative breakfasts–everything from rainbow cinnamon rolls, to bagel & lox waffles, savory biscuits, egg white bites, lemon blueberry scones, and chocolate peanut butter smoothies…the list could go on. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it fuels you, fills you up until lunch, revs up your metabolism, and helps to set healthy intentions for the day.

All in all, take this time to really appreciate the morning and how much of an impact it has on the rest of your day. Extra time in the morning is a luxury – so use it wisely and start incorporating more healthy habits that set you up for success!