October 23rd, 2021

12 Insanely Healthy Chocolate Recipes

Swearing off Chocolate for Weight Management? Not with F-Factor!

Truth be told, when it comes to weight management and the foods that will help you meet your goals, chocolate isn’t typically the first food brought up. Here at F-Factor, we understand that focusing on what you can’t have leads to feelings of deprivation, denial, and depression—feelings that are inconsistent with sustained weight management. On the other hand, when you focus on what you can have, such feelings are minimized. You’re empowered and motivated, rather than discouraged. 

So with that being we’ve put together a round up of actually healthy CHOCOLATE recipes that you can feel good about indulging in.

The rule to determine whether a dessert is fit for Step 1 has to do with calories and net carbs: 100 calories or less for your sweet treat, so long as you have the net carbs le

ft in your daily net carb allotment. To make the desserts listed below acceptable for Step 1 of the F-Factor Diet, cut the portion size in half or stick to the 3-bite rule. 

Here’s 12 delicious craving-quelling chocolate recipes: 

CHOCOLATE MINT COOKIE SMOOTHIE (per serving: 325 calories, 10g net carb) – You know everyone’s favorite Girl Scout cookie, the Thin Mint? That’s what inspired this thick, creamy smoothie. Except unlike Thin Mints, this smoothie packs 2

6g protein and 21g fiber. With real cookie crumbles, it’s sure to please, and like all smoothies, makes a great of a breakfast as it does afternoon snack too.

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE 20/20 PANCAKES (per serving: 322 calories, 9g net carb) – If you have trouble meeting your daily fiber needs, this delicious Step 1 Approved breakfast is for you. The Choc Zero syrup brings the fiber content of these chocolate pancakes up to a whopping 35g!  You can actually meet your entire daily fiber needs with just one meal. 

HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE SPREAD (per serving: 53 calories, 2g net carb) – Get the flavor of rich, creamy Nutella… but for 68% less calories!  Perfect for when you just need a little smooth creamy fix of something good. Spread on 20/20 muffins, waffles or fiber crackers or enjoy a spoonful right from the container. Two tablespoons is just 53 calories and 2g net carb so it’s practically guilt-free.

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE MUFFINS (per serving: 226 calories, 15g net carb) – Ever think you’d be having THREE chocolate muffins for breakfast?? Well that’s the case with this one. Each muffin is just 75 calories, so you can also enjoy 1 asa Step 1 Approved dessert or have 3 for breakfast or snack. Want to kick it up a notch? We have an alternate chocolate peanut butter version that is TDF. Just note, the serving size with this recipe goes down from 3 muffins to 2. To get the chocolate peanut butter version, click here

Don’t feel like cooking? Get your chocolate on with a Fudge Brownie FIBER/PROTEIN Bar. They’re delicious, CHOCOLATE, portable and make the perfect **VEGAN** snack.

CHOCOLATE BELGIAN WAFFLES (per serving: 290 calories, 7g net carb)- With a rich, deep, not-too-sweet, chocolate flavor, these gluten-free, high-fiber waffles are certainly a delicious way to start your day. They also pack 35g protein and 21g fiber per serving so they’re sure to fill you up, and keep you feeling full, too.

CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHIP BISCOTTI (per serving: 98 calories, 3g net carb) – A slight hint of almond flavor elevates this fiber-packed Step 1 Approved chocolate recipe. Enjoy as afternoon snack with a 20/20 latte or for dessert.

CHOCOLATE MERINGUE COOKIES (per serving: 37 calories, 3g net carb) – This Step 1 Approved dessert recipe is practically magical; it has 3g net carb, and you get 4 cookies per serving! They’re beyond light and airy so they’re perfect for when you just need a little hint of chocolate sweetness.

CREAMY MILK CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM (per serving: 93 calories, 3g net carb) – You’ll need an ice cream maker for this one, but oh is it worth it! Homemade ice cream the F-Factor Way is a fraction of the calories and carbs of traditional ice cream, and can fill you up too! This recipe packs 12g protein and 8g fiber per serving.

CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES (per serving: 91 calories, 6g net carb) – Strawberries + chocolate, what’s not to love? How about the fact that these chocolate covered strawberries contain 9g of fiber each!  

PEPPERMINT HOT COCOA – Grab a mug and cuddle up on the couch with this one. Perfect for when you want to feel warm and cozy, and full! Each serving packs 21g fiber and 21g protein. Not into peppermint? Just skip it, and enjoy a toasty mug of warm chocoalteyness.

SPECIAL BROWNIES (per serving: 85 calories, 6g net carb) – These brownies are special because they have an all-natural and have a hidden ingredient, something that makes them unlike your average brownie… Zucchini! They also pack 12g of fiber each so if you’re hankering for something chocolate this sure should satiate.

CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE (per serving: 205 calories, 4g net carb) – Yes, this list is getting more decadent as it goes on. This ooey gooey lava cake is out of this world delicious, contains ZERO grams of sugar per serving and packs 6g fiber per serving. It’s the ultimate way to cure your chocolate cravings. 

Part of the reason some of these CHOCOLATE recipes are so guiltless is because they’re made with Chocolate 20/20 FIBER/PROTEIN Powder, which packs 20g of fat-fighting fiber, along with 20g of muscle-building protein. It’s a hero ingredient that makes achieving your daily fiber goals much easier. 20/20 FIBER/PROTEIN powders are available here, click below to purchase.


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