February 6th, 2023

Recipe Round Up: Valentine’s Day Confections


Healthy Valentine's Day Recipe

14+ (seemingly) sinful, sweet and deliciously decadent treats to tempt your sweetie (or whoever) with this Valentine’s Day.

We’ve put together a list of healthy Valentine’s Day recipes that are as perfect for drowning your sorrows in, as they are for celebrating your sweet seductive love. A mix of F-Factor renditions of Valentine’s Day classics and some new options to get your chocolate fix. Rest assured any of these easy recipes will satisfy cravings without destroying your diet. Happy Valentine’s Day!


CHOCOLATE BELGIAN WAFFLES – This gluten-free recipe is perfect for if you want start your V-day off in a seemingly indulgent and certainly chocolatey way… Or for a sweet treat to make this long weekend. Dairy free? Try this recipe for chocolate fiber waffles with homemade raspberry sauce.

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE PANCAKES – So you don’t have a waffle maker, but still want to start your Valentine’s Day off with a chocolatey breakfast-in-bed sitch. If that’s the case, this recipe is for you. Or if you’re going for more of a special je ne sais quio vibe, consider giving this recipe a French twist. Use the batter created here (minus the baking powder), and follow the crepe steps described here. Slather the Choc Zero syrup or our hazelnut chocolate spread wherever you please (s’il vous plait), and a oui, oui mon cheri is practically a guarantee.

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE MUFFINS – Pet names can be cute. If you’ve got a Muffin in your life, surprise them with these double chocolate muffins. Each one is just 69 calories (true story, get your head out of the gutter), so you can rest assured there’s no risk of these muffs leading to a muffin top.

DECADENT CHOCOLATE CHIA SEED PUDDING – So you can’t wait for tonight for dessert? This chocolatey chia seed pudding makes a great afternoon snack.

CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES – Both chocolate and strawberries are known aphrodisiacs. Perhaps that’s why chocolate-covered strawberries are the quintessential V-day treat. Made with Lily’s Sweets Baking Chips, these chocolate strawberries put Edible Arrangements to shame. In the mood for more of a crunch? Click here.

VALENTINE’S DAY CHOCOLATE BROWNIE TRUFFLES – Not only is this a no-bake, less-than-5 ingredient recipe, but it’s gluten free, dairy free and vegan too. If you’re SO has dietary restrictions, this is the truffle for you!

MOLTEN CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE –  Pictured above, this rich, decedent, under-100-calories Step 1 Approved recipe is almost too good to be true. Coincidence that each cake is portioned to be split in two? We’ll let you and your S.O. decide…

CREAMY CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM –  For when things get too hot and you need to cool it down…

FROSTED CHOCOLATE DONUTS – These frosted rings are a real treat—and indulging in one (or two…) won’t leave you feeling heartbroken. Note, this is a Step 2 dessert. To make it acceptable for Step 1, go “halvesies” with your date and stick to a serving size of one half.

RED VELVET CUPCAKES WITH CREAM CHEESE FROSTING – With less than half the calories of traditional red velvet cupcakes, AND 5 times more fiber, this recipe really is guiltless. The (other) cream on top? They’re #FFACTORAPPROVED. More of a cake fan? Click here.

RED VELVET MINI BUNDT CAKES WITH CREAM CHEESE FROSTING – Share with a special someone, or enjoy alone, this Step 2 dessert presents well and tastes great.

SUGAR-FREE ESPRESSO MARTINI – Less of a confection, but certainly a sweet treat… and one that will help you let loose, AND give you the energy to stay up for hours on end. Imbibe at your own risk 😉😉

TZ’s BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE SORBET – If today is a little bittersweet for you… you’re not alone. Take solace in this sorbet.

CHOCOLATE FUDGE BROWNIES – This recipe has a secret ingredient. Think your sweetie can guess what it is? This has the makings for a fun little strip-guessing gameturn your Valentine into a not-so-secret admirer of your baking.

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